Development projects
  • (2023 - 2024) Intel Elkhart Lake Ethernet support for OpenBSD. With Genua.

  • (2023 - 2024) Porting drivers for Qualcomm ath11k wifi devices from Linux to OpenBSD. With the OpenBSD Foundation.

  • (2019 - 2024) Development of a CVS repository loader for the Software Heritage archive. Improvements for corresponding Subversion and Git loaders, as well as Dulwich. With INRIA.

  • (2023) Improving the stabilty, feature set, and user interface of NSH. With Wireless Connect.

  • (2017 - 2024) Design and implementation of an open-source Git-compatible version control system called Game of Trees. Self-funded community effort.

  • (2015 - 2023) Added 802.11n and 802.11ac support to the OpenBSD wireless subsystem. Ported drivers for Intel 11ac wifi devices from Linux to OpenBSD. With Genua.

  • (2007 - 2023) Development of features and bug fixes for Subversion. With elego Software Solutions.

  • (2018) Development of minor features and fixes for various issues in Osmocom. With Sysmocom.

Consulting projects
  • (2018, 2024) Workshops for OpenBSD firewall administrators. With Linux Hotel.

  • (2007 - 2024) Migrations to Subversion and Git from other version control systems. Subversion server upgrades. Long-term Subversion support. Training of developers and system administrators. With elego Software Solutions.

  • (2017 - 2024) Setup and maintenance of high-availability OpenBSD firewalls and VPN, spanning 3 office locations within the city of Berlin. With Eidotech.

  • (2019, 2020) Advice on usage, configuration, and maintenance of OpenBSD systems. Analysis of VPN service distruption. With SYS.

  • (2018) Prototyping of a 300+ firewall deployment with automated OpenBSD installation for internal evaluation. With the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.

  • (2016) Support of implementation and maintenance of a dozen+ OpenBSD firewall setup spanning two data centres in Luxembourg. With Digital Ekho.


Chirpy Software was founded in 2024 by Stefan Sperling. Before 2024 these projects were handled by Stefan on a freelancing basis. As of 2024, on-going projects are handled by Chirpy Software.